6 Apr 2010

Hi, we are Ruby and Siel !

Lets present ourselves. We are Ruby and Siel (as you can read in our title). We are best friends for almost five years. And we thought we must celebrate that with a blog. Let's all scream "Yeah"! Our blog will be about art, fashion, photography, dreams and stuff we don't know yet.
We should inform you that we are from Belgium (like the song "We are from Barcelona" ;) so there can be some grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Ruby on the left and Siel on the right.
(sorry for the silly school uniforms xD)
Date of birth: 07/08/1992
Date of death: unknown
Why still living: likes living! Duh!
Hobby: Dancing, more specific ballet (already thirteen years)
Interesses: Ballet, Emilie Autumn, Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, Movies, Fashion, Beauty, Art, Siel

Date of birth: 23/02/1993
Date of death: unknown
Hobby: playing music the flute for nine years and another flute (I can't find the right translation xD) for eight years
Interesses: Fashion, Beauty, Art, Jewellery, Books, Shoes, Vintage, Fantasy, Alice in Wonderland, Ruby

R: Hey! why am I at the end of the list?
S: Because I am at the end of yĆ³ur list!
R: grr
S: grr back

Thank you for listening (or reading)
Now, if you like to drink something,
go to your kitchen.